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Nowhere Man

Pico Lyer talks about how he never really had a place to call home. He would fly three times a year to go to boarding school for months at a time. He was so used to traveling everywhere he was not comfortable  just staying in one place, he did not know what to call home. If I had to travel to school for that long I would hate it. Driving to Mansfield from my house is 40  minutes and that is the longest I have had to drive to go to school. I am so glad I have lived in one place my whole life and I didn’t have to move from house to house because then I don’t know if I could ever consider any of them my home. I guess I’m thankful for actually having a place I can consider to be my  home.


Winter Quarter

I am so glad for this quarter to be over. I want it to start getting warm. When this quarter first started it seemed like it was going to take forever even though the weeks were shorter than the other quarters. My classes were a little more difficult this quarter than the past one. Walking in this weather is horrible, it is soooo cold. I cannot wait for next week so I do not have to be worrying about finals anymore and I can enjoy my spring break. Even though I am glad this quarter is over it seemed like I kind of went faster than I thought it would go. Spring break is right around the corner and I am looking forward to enjoying my week off from school.

The strategy I used

The strategy  I used was strategy number 2: Use your sources to ask questions, not just to provide answers. I started out my research paper with a question and then answered my own question. There was more than one answer to the question I asked in my paper. It is a good idea to start a paper with a question because then when someone is reading your paper they will get a sense of direction on where your paper is going. Providing answers  that go along with your question will also help the reader to understand what is going on.

Using weblogs outside of English 110

Even though we created these weblogs in English 110 class they could be used outside of that class. Anything can be posted on here whether it is used for projects such as personal, academic, or professional. Anyone that is interested in the same things that we write about might view our posts and comment how they feel a certain way about what we wrote. We could keep writing about what we learn about different things we are interested in. Weblogs could be fun and maybe some people will communicate through using this website. We could use this as a journal about what we did that day or what is coming up in our lives.  Professional use could be if your a doctor you could put ways on your weblog on how to prevent getting certain illnesses or a way to protect your skin from getting dry. Anything could be posted on here, whatever interests us it can also be very useful to others that are reading our weblogs.

Changing my outlook

My attitude has changed since the first day we came to english 110.01 and found out we were going to be writting an Analytical Research paper first. I thought to myself this is  going to be hard.  We were jumping right into the biggest project  first, but come to find out I really liked getting that out of the way before everything else. The digital composition and the op-ed seemed a lot easier after we had already finished our research paper. I think doing the research paper first really helped me this quarter, although at first I was like you have go to be kidding me I am not going to like this, because the project that is worth the  most points is first and I don’t think I will do very well on it. I think that was a good idea because now that the quarter is ending we don’t have to stress about the biggest paper in english class.

comparing Koppell and Zats

I think that Koppell and Zatz are in agreement when it comes to the “reality of cyberspace.” They both talk about how there is no direction in cyberspace. When you use cyberspace you have to be specific in what you are talking about on websites like google or yahoo ect. or other wise the search could be never ending. The internet is used by a widespread of people and is growing, it will keep growing until people stop paying attention to it.

Is Dental Insurance Diminishing?

There are many reasons why people do not like to visit the dentist office. It differentiats  all the way from blood phobias,  just not wanting to go, to not being able to afford it. Being able to afford the visit of going to the dentist requires having some sort of dental insurance. Visits are really expensive and without insurance you are going to have to pay twice as much, but with no help from our insurance companies. When it comes to dental insurance many companies offer it in our benefits we receive.  The only problem is now they are starting to take away the dental insurance. So why are they starting to take it away? Many businesses are stating that having dental insurance isn’t that necessary, and we don’t need it. They say it will help reduce the cost of health insurance and save the company a lot of money. Even though it might be saving the company some money the people that are a higher status in the company are just going to make more from the money that was saved. If dental insurance is taken away from the employees and they need to go to the dentist they are going to have to pay more money out of their own pocket. I do not think it is fair to take something away from someone when they have had it the entire time they have worked for a certain company. Going to the dentist is very expensive and without insurance people are not going to want to pay the price it will cost them without insurance. Not having insurance is one of the most common reasons why people have to claim bankrupt in America. They can’t afford the insurance they can’t live without, and if something happens to their teeth they have to pay twice as much. Attending the dentist every six months will help eliminate many problems that could go wrong. Even though you might not have any problems with your teeth,  just getting a cleaning and fluoride treatment it could cost up to $ 300 dollars. If your child needs braces with dental insurance it is going to cost around $ 2,500 dollars and without dental insurance it is going to cost around $ 5,000 dollars.

I think that the companies are making a really big mistake. If they start taking away some of the benefits we receive now, what are they going to do next. Pretty soon when we get hired for a job there won’t be any benefits, and we will have to pay for everything on our own. It is only going to keep causing problems and no one will be able to afford anything. Going to the dentist is one of the most expensive doctor visits and it isn’t going to get any cheaper. Dentists can set their own prices on their services. Just because some companies are taking away dental insurance it isn’t going to make them lower their prices. The only reason they set the prices so high is because they have to pay for rent, supplies, and for their hard working staff. If they don’t charge high prices they will actually be loosing money because they would be paying for everything else and not making anything.  They are also allowed to charge so much because of how high the cost of dental school is, and how many years it takes to get through it. I am going into dentistry and I think this is a bad idea just for the fact that going to the dentist costs so much. I never would of found out about companies doing this if it wasn’t for my dad. He is working for a company that is trying to take way their dental insurance if they didn’t have a certain paper turned in. Luckily he already had his paper in so he was able to keep his dental insurance.